Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tiny Whisk, Cheap Wine, and FOOOOOOOOD!!!

(Sorry about the crappy photos in advance)

I covet kitchen utensils of all kinds. I stare at the food processor I want on Amazon when I should be working. I marvel at the sharpness of fancy knives on TV. Saddest of all, I lay in bed and imagine just the tiny whisk that would make my life 75% better by all measurable standards.

Today my tiny whisk dreams came true! I already have a whisk, but the problem is that it is ridonculously huge and when I am whisking a small amount of stuff, splashing ensues and if I try to rest the whisk on the bowl, it flips and FLOOP! sauce/dressing/broth/whatever all over the place. Not fun. Behold, tiny whisk!

See what I mean? Do other people get excited enough about kitchen utensils to take pictures of them and then post them on their blog? I didn't think so. That's fine. No, really that's fine.

Moving on! I had to buy a bottle of wine to make dinner with this evening, so I searched high and lo at PCC for the cheapest sale on white wine they had. And then I saw it. My destiny in fermented grapes was there on the second shelf from the floor, nestled humbly amongst the $13 bottles of wine. A 2006 Torres Vina Sol. Doesn't it just oooooze class?

And do you want to know what the final deciding factor was in choosing this wine? What made me exclaim out loud "Yay! This one!" (Outbursts at the fancy food co-op are frowned upon, it seems). Well I'll tell you. It was the TINY PLASTIC BULL. Like I was going to choose any other wine. Pss.

Finally, the main event! I decided 2 things today. 1) That just because I am single and eat most of my meals alone does not mean that they don't deserve to be fancy and delicious instead of quick and digestible. 2) What I would finally make from V-con. Because I have been on a severe mushroom kick lately I decided to make the Sauteed Seitan with Mushrooms and Spinach and serve it over quinoa. I loves me some quinoa. HOLY CRAP SO GOOD!!! It is just involved enough to make you feel like you're treating yourself like the awesome person you are, yet easy enough that you don't feel too tired to eat when it's done. Even when just the onions and seitan are in the pan it smells amazing, and then it's like a whole other level once you add the garlic and seasonings. Even if you don't like food, just make it for the smells that will fill your kitchen, that's enough reason. For serious. To conclude, it was really yummy. :-) See how yummy it looks? You want to make it so bad.